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Under Further Review: AHCA License Application Incomplete and Withdrawn

September 29, 2014
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In Florida, the Agency for Health Care Administration or AHCA is the agency of state government which licenses health care facilities and organizations. Generally speaking, the Law which governs this area is Chapter 408, Part II of the Florida Statutes. You may have received a letter from AHCA, usually by certified mail, stating something to the effect:

Your initial application for a license is deemed incomplete and withdrawn from further consideration pursuant to Section 408.806(3)(b), Florida Statutes, which states that “Requested information omitted from an application for licensure, license renewal, or change of ownership, other than an inspection, must  be filed with the agency within 21 days after the agency’s request for omitted information or the application shall be deemed incomplete and shall be withdrawn from further consideration.

[Excerpt from typical AHCA letter. Some letters may differ in language and content]

AHCA License Application Incomplete: What it Means

The above-referenced language is just one example of what a letter from AHCA might say in response to your application for a license. This type of letter usually contains a headline or caption which reads “Notice of Intent to Deem Application Incomplete and Withdrawn from Further Review.” Essentially, the letter is informing the applicant that AHCA requires additional information.

AHCA License Application Incomplete: Your Action Plan

So what should you do if you receive one of these Notices? My opinion is you need a strategy or “action plan” for promptly responding to AHCA within the 21-day deadline period. Failure to do so will result in a denial of your application.

Here are some suggestions and strategies:

1st – Gather all Documentation – collect all paperwork received from AHCA, especially the “Notice” which you probably received from AHCA setting forth what information they are requesting.

2nd – Immediately calculate the due date in which AHCA must receive its response from you – chances are you received notification of a problem via certified mail. What was that date?

3rd – Seek Advice from An Experienced Health Care Attorney – Someone who is familiar with AHCA and the application process. This is a critical time and failure to act promptly could result in permanent denial of your license.

Many times it’s simply a matter of AHCA not receiving certain routine information as a part of the application. However, some situations are more complicated, such as questions concerning ownership interests, proof of financial viability requirements, criminal background screening problems, or other important information.

If you have questions concerning a Notice or letter you have recently received from the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA) and want to know your rights call my office to set up a telephone consultation. The telephone conference is free, and there is no obligation. Call 850-877-7776, and ask to schedule a telephone appointment with Attorney Jeff Howell.

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