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Florida Health License Renewal: Preventing Common Problems

February 14, 2018
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License Renewal

Your business or professional license is one of your most prized possessions. Generally speaking, healthcare providing businesses or facilities are licensed by the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA). Similarly to healthcare providing entities, health care professionals, licensed by the Florida Department of Health (DOH), are subject to periodic license renewal. Both organizations are headquartered in Tallahassee, Florida, where Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law is located.

The AHCA License Renewal Application

The AHCA license renewal process is rather simple if the Agency is provided with the required information in a timely manner. The AHCA has implemented an online licensing system which allows the provider to submit an application for renewal along with all relevant information and payment of filing fees.

Facilities in Florida have generally issued a license that expires every 2 years.  We have found that providers who do not have a system in place for reminding facilities that their license is about to expire often face serious consequences in the form of an “expiration letter” from AHCA advising them that they are no longer licensed.

Other common problems encountered in the AHCA license renewal process:

  • Failure to submit up to date background screenings of owners, employees, and vendors who furnish care or services directly to patients.
  • Failure to register or update registration with the Florida Secretary of State, Division of Corporations.
  • Failure to provide required proof of accreditation or inspection survey, if required.
  • Failure to provide certain financial information.
  • Lack of a medical director, if required.

 In the event of an initial, renewal, and change of ownership license denial by AHCA, other circumstances might apply.

DOH License Renewal Application

The Florida Department of Health licenses and regulate health care professionals.  Most professionals are under a Board ( i.e., Board of Medicine, Board of Nursing, etc). We find that healthcare professionals as a general rule timely submit their online renewal applications.  Currently, the DOH website states that you have until midnight on the day your license expires to renew. Failure to renew a Florida health license can result in a delinquent status. Delinquent status usually converts to null and void after a period of time and additional fees become due.  Wait too long and a null and void license cannot be renewed unless certain competencies are tested.

Some problems encountered in the DOH license renewal process include:

  • Failure to disclose an arrest(s) since the last license renewal.
  • Failure to disclose disciplinary action from another state.
  • Failure to pay past due fines and fees.

We recommend keeping up to date with all deadlines for license renewals and to make sure all the information you are submitting to either the DOH or AHCA is complete and current.  If you have questions about the Florida health license renewal or application process or have been denied your license, it’s important to seek advice early in the process.


Our law firm advises, counsels, and represents health care professionals, owners of facilities, and management regarding DOH and AHCA issues.  Our clients are statewide and also include individuals nationwide who are licensed in Florida.  To schedule a free no obligation consultation, call us at Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law  850-877-7776.

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