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Your Florida Medical License: Practicing Medicine in Florida

February 16, 2019
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Obtaining—or keeping—your Flordia medical license is not an easy process, as many of you already know. But for physicians entering the medical profession, doctors licensed in other states, or doctors who attended foreign schools, understanding that this process, difficult as it is, was designed to protect the patients. It also ensures all doctors in Florida have appropriate education and training, and comply with standard medical professional standards approved by Florida’s Board of Medicine.

Your Florida Medical License Application Options

Once you’re in a position to apply for a Florida medical license, you have two major options:

  1. Licensure by Endorsement (or Reciprocity) Requirements (Chapter 458.313, Florida Statutes). Briefly, this option requires that you must have graduated from an approved allopathic U.S. or foreign medical school, with specified periods of residency or, in the case of international medical schools, have satisfied a number of specific requirements to include passing a number of examinations and additional training and residencies. Additionally, you must have successfully passed all sections of a U.S. national examination (NBME, FLEX, USMLE). You have the option of satisfying one of three other options:
    1. Be licensed in another state actively practicing medicine for the two years immediately prior to submitting your application in Florida, or
    2. Pass a clinical competency exam at any time during the year immediately preceding submitting your application in Florida, or
    3. Successfully complete an approved postgraduate training program at any time within the two years immediately prior to submitting your application in Florida. Florida allows this type of licensing, although a number of states do not.
  2. Licensure by Examination (Chapter 458.311, Florida Statutes).

The examinations required by the Florida Board of Medicine are the USMLE, FLEX, NBME, LMCC or SPEC unless you have taken other exams and have been practicing in the U.S. or Canada for more than 10 years. This process also applies to those physicians who attended an approved allopathic U.S. medical school and completed one year of approved residency training or attended an approved allopathic foreign medical school registered with the World Health Organization (WHO), obtained a valid Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate, and completed two years of approved residency in at least one specialty area.

These Florida requirements for obtaining a Florida medical license may seem arduous at first, but remember they are specifically designed to protect you as a Florida licensed medical practitioner and the patients you treat. Discover more information about being a licensed healthcare professional in Florida?

Ready to submityour application for a Florida license and have questions about either the specific requirements or the procedure itself, we are here to provide advice, counsel, and if necessary representation. 

Let Us Help You:

  • Understand the process.
  • Provide advice on how to successfully navigate the system.
  • Review employment contracts with hospital and healthcare systems
  • Prepare your case for an appearance before the Board of Medicine's Credentials Committee.
  • Offer advice on options and strategies for dealing with PRN
  • Offer advice and strategies regarding criminal background issues.
  • Post representation, provide you a letter for future employers explaining how the case was concluded.
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Consulting with an experienced health care attorney can help you determine whether your application strategy is the correct plan of action. Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law can assist with your entire application licensing process. Please do not hesitate to contact the law offices of Howell, Buchan & Strong, Attorneys at Law for your free consultation at (850) 877-7776 (TALLAHASSEE) or (407) 717-1773 (ORLANDO).   We would be glad to assist you!

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