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Virus Data for Florida

April 3, 2020
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Florida healthcare professionals and facility managers are on the front lines of the current Covid-19 pandemic and face daily the risks to life and health that come from the contagion.  Data and dedication is crucial to getting Florida through this public health crisis.

Medical License Problems

There is a lot of information that might be of interest to those who put their lives on the line. Sorting through all the data is another matter. Healthcare providers are trained to evaluate health data and disparities.  Here are some resources for evaluating trends and gathering health information from the relevant agencies in Florida.

Peak capacity for Florida hospital beds, ICU and invasive ventilators


  1. Current Florida Health Care Statistics –DOH Outbreak Dashboard
  2. DOH Persons Under Monitoring and Persons Under Investigation Summary
  3. DOH Guidelines for Health Care Providers
  4. Florida Hospital Bed Capacity  - Agency for Health Care Administration -

An excellent national database which you might find helpful for epidemiological information is from the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHIE) which is part of the University of Wisconsin:

  1. National data on trends in the disease, death rates, hospital resources, ICU beds, and supply of invasive ventilators.
  2. Florida data – same site just use the field selector at the top to select Florida data.

The Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation (IHME) is a research institute working in the area of global health statistics and impact evaluation at the University of Washington in Seattle. The Institute is headed by Dr. Christopher J.L. Murray, a physician and health economist, and professor at the University of Washington Department of Global Health, which is part of the School of Medicine.

IHME's goal, as stated on the Institute's website, is "to identify the best strategies to build a healthier world. By measuring health, tracking program performance, finding ways to maximize health system impact, and developing innovative measurement systems, IHME provides a foundation for informed decision-making that ultimately will lead to better health globally"

Some Observations:

AHCA and DOH are providing increased regulation and surveying of facilities—we are aware of stepped up efforts to inspect or survey facilities, such as hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted living facilities.

Professionals should monitor information and guidance from both AHCA and DOH.

Some facilities are asking health care workers to take pay cuts or reduction in compensation—we are aware of efforts to amend written contracts of employment during the pendency of the pandemic.

Local media in Tallahassee are reporting that AHCA and DOH may be having trouble with staff coming to work, thereby compounding problems.  It is best to understand that not just direct care providers are impacted but also government regulators.  Patience is best in these trying times.

Similarly, numerous providers are dealing with portions of their work force who do not want to come to work.

Everyone should be aware that AHCA and DOH will receive a surge at some point in complaints against licensees.  Remember to document medications, observations, and other matters related to the appropriate standard of care.

Have faith and know that this too will eventually come to pass and better days are ahead.  Unity and dedication are the name of the game.


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