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Obtaining an Initial AHCA Facility License? What You Need to Know.

September 22, 2020
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Obtaining an initial AHCA Facility License in the State of Florida can be a lengthy process. Leaning on a professional team, including an attorney, can improve your chances of getting your initial facility license approved.

What is Required to Obtain an Initial AHCA Facility License

There is a variety of documentation required along with the application for your AHCA Facility License. Preparing and remitting these documents can be a cumbersome process. Ensuring accuracy and integrity is crucial to a
smooth process.

Obtaining your AHCA facility license requires the following:

  1. Application. The initial AHCA Facility License Application forms are recommended based on provider type.
  2. Addendums/Attestations. The AHCA requires addendums depending on the license for which you are applying. If applying for a Health Care Clinic, a Medical Director attestation is required. If applying for a Nursing Home license or Assisted Living Facility license, an Administrator is required.
  3. Insurance. Proof of insurance to operate your facility in the State of Florida means providing a declarations page or a certificate of insurance from your provider.
  4. Zoning Approval. If your plans for your facility license include construction, you will be required to obtain and provide proof of the city’s zoning approval.
  5. Proof of Financial Ability (PFA) to Operate. To prove you have the financial ability to operate your health care facility in the State of Florida, you must prove financial ability. The AHCA considers all initial
    applications to be for “new” businesses. It does not matter the history of the business. All two years of financial projections must meet GAAP principles and must be reasonable. The source and proof of funding
    must be completed by a CPA and meet GAAP principles. 

What Happens If You Receive an Omissions Notice?

Most applications result in the AHCA issuing an omissions notice. Per statute, any application for licensure must have a response from AHCA within 30 days. Therefore, many applications will receive an omission notice to provide more time for AHCA to process the application.

What Happens If You Receive a Notice of Intent to Deny or Withdraw (NOID or NOIW)

If you receive a NOID it is important to act fast because the NOID or NOIW requires a legally sufficient response. If you do nothing or provide an insufficient response your application will be denied. Learn more about What to Do If You Receive a NOID.

At this point, you should retain the counsel of a legal team experienced in these cases.

Experienced Legal Help

It’s important to work with an experienced team that knows the nuances of the AHCA application and the finances. Our firm assists clients through this process. We have trusted CPAs familiar with the application process who can help. Our experience with facility applications, NOIDS, and omission notices allows us to move efficiently through the process. The faster your license is issued, the sooner you can begin operations.

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