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Economics grad speaks up for Howell Law Firm

October 26, 2020
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One of the first voices you’re likely to hear when you call Jeffrey S. Howell P.A. Attorneys at Law is that of Katherine San Juan.

A Spring 2020 Florida State University Economics grad, she works the law office’s front desk, providing potential clients’ their initial contact with the firm. That first impression can shape a client’s experience going forward, she says.

“I try to come across as friendly, come across as helpful. I get them in touch with someone who can sort out their problem as soon as possible. I make that first impression (of the firm) as being helpful.”

Indeed, that’s a quality that impressed most all client reviews of the Firm.

Ms. San Juan also has direct involvement with clients via the Firm's day-to-day marketing efforts. Those include preparation of brochures and other written material regarding the legal experience and credentials of the Firm’s attorneys. Those are sent to interested potential clients. She also handles other correspondence.

She expects those tasks to ultimately help her professionally in mathematics-intensive Applied Economics, her chosen field of graduate degree study at FSU. She hopes that degree leads to a career as a marketing consultant or in data analysis.

Her expectations are to finish grad school by next summer, then move on to work in her new field. She started at the Howell Law Firm in September 2019 and plans to remain there at least until she graduates.

It’s little surprise that her two main on-campus interests are the FSU Economics Club and going to class. Ms. San Juan works at the law office 18 hours a week while maintaining a nine-hour class load. That includes lectures three or four days a week.

“When I’m not here, I’m usually going to school,” she says.

Home is still in the Ponte Vedra Beach area near Jacksonville, where her parents and two dogs live. The pups are both rescues, beagle-and-dachshund mixes (one 17 and one 11) with some foxhound mixed in.

Ms. San Juan says she enjoyed growing up there because beach towns tend to be close-knit communities.  

She says that’s also what she’ll take away from the Howell Law Firm when she moves on. It’s been an enjoyable experience working among genial coworkers, she says. “There’s a good sense of humor among the staff even if they’re slammed by work.”  

“It’s fun here even when there’s not much going on.

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