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JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law Awards Three Healthcare Scholarships

October 22, 2020
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Each year, JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law, awards three scholarships to nursing students to help pay for their educational expenses.  The program is open to undergraduate and graduate nursing students and is intended to help students prepare for careers in the nursing field. 

This year, the firm chose three phenomenal women as the recipients of the scholarship: Ms. Tara Howard, Mrs. Monica Ruiz, and Ms. Sarah Tillman.

Ms. Howard is pursuing a Registered Nurse Degree at the State College of Florida. She plans on furthering her education by earning a Master’s degree to work as a Nurse Practitioner.

According to Ms. Howard, “The field of healthcare is ever-changing, and I value the importance of the continuation of education.”

Mrs. Ruiz was born in Colombia and has since moved to the United States to pursue her dream of becoming a Registered Nurse.  She is currently enrolled in the Nursing Program at the State College of Florida. 

Mrs. Ruiz states, “Now that I decided to go back to school, and since I have always had a deep interest in health care, I know that becoming a nurse, not only will be my dream come true but also it will be of great help for our community.”

Ms. Tillman earned a degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Psychology and Religion.  She has since decided to enter the nursing field because she is passionate about providing care to others.

Ms. Tillman states, “Now that I am trying to go back to school to earn another degree and better myself, to help better others, I found it very difficult to find scholarship money.”

The attorneys and staff here at JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law congratulates each of the scholarship recipients and hope that the scholarship will assist in their preparation for careers in the nursing field. JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law, headquartered in the state capital of Tallahassee, with location throughout Florida, assist Florida Health Care Professionals obtain or renew licensure from the various state agencies.  The firm also represents Florida healthcare professionals and facilities in disputes with government agencies, professional boards, and courts of law.  This firm is dedicated to defending professional licenses, providing legal services to healthcare professionals, and promoting growth of the health care field through scholarship.

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