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Welcoming Liane LaBouef, Associate Attorney

November 20, 2020
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The firm of Howell, Buchan and Strong Attorneys at Law proudly announces the addition of Liane LaBouef as an Associate Attorney. Liane started with the firm as a law clerk in the Tallahassee location in May 2019.

LaBouef attended Florida State University College of Law (Tallahassee) graduating with her Juris Doctor degree in spring 2020. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Indian River State College in Port St. Lucie and an Associate of Arts degree in Psychology. She was admitted to the Florida Bar in November 2020.

Why Florida Shines for LaBouef

A native to southern Florida, Liane appreciates boating, beaches, and the coastal views but her love for history has been renewed by the attractions and historic culture of Tallahassee.

“I had to give up the water in the south, but I love that Tallahassee has such a rich history. The old buildings and museums are some of my favorites,” said LaBouef who’s upbringing among education-focused parents fast-forwarded her learning as a homeschooled youth. “I loved being homeschooled; my parents put a lot of time into my education and it encouraged me to explore my own interests. I was able to advance at my own pace, so much so that I dual-enrolled to complete my Associate of Arts degree before I graduated high school.”

Clerking Her Way into Law

As a law clerk, LaBouef applied that self-driven strength to drafting documents, interacting with clients on their cases, and researching case law. At age 13 it was a visiting uncle who first sparked her interest in law. Listening to him share the stories of his cases as an attorney in Jacksonville ignited a passion that has spread to her new role.

“I’m passionate about my work and the outcomes we can impact. It’s about paying attention to the tiniest details not just of the laws but of the human connection. These are crucial to negotiations,” she said. “We’re helping people who have invested so much time and money to acquire a professional license, whether it is in health care or something else, and it is heart-breaking to imaging the threat of having their livelihood ripped out from under them.”

It's the satisfaction in bringing legal understanding, expertise and counsel to the confusion and fear clients feel in their cases and in delivering a sense of relief to clients that LaBouef said fuels the work she is able to do with the firm.

Outside of the firm, LaBouef enjoys home cooking, growing plants, and exploring Tallahassee museums and historic districts.

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