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Healthcare License Application Misrepresentation of Information

December 15, 2020
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Have you misrepresented information on your application for licensure or renewal application?

If you are a licensed nurse or other healthcare provider and you checked or answered “No” to the question, “Have you ever had disciplinary action taken against your license to practice any healthcare-related profession by the licensing authority in Florida or in any other state, jurisdiction or country?” you will be subject to discipline by the Florida Department of Health. 

Disciplinary Action Question Deserves a Second Look

Section 464.018(1)(a), Florida Statutes provides that procuring (obtaining), attempting to procure, or renewing a license to practice nursing by bribery, by knowing misrepresentations, or through an error of the department or the board, constitutes grounds for disciplinary action.

In the State of Florida and you have not answered this question correctly, your license in most cases will be revoked. The State of Florida more than likely will conclude that the licensee is attempting to acquire or renew his or her license by misrepresentation (lying). If not handled properly and if proven, your license in most cases will be revoked.

Misrepresentation? What to Expect

It's important to note that strict revocation is not always the case. The Board can take into account any number of aggravating or mitigating factors to increase or lessen the penalties laid down in the rules. Having an experienced healthcare attorney representing you can help you avoid problems or disciplinary action.

If the Florida Department of Health has issued an Administrative Compliant alleging that you have obtained your license through misrepresentation, do not go at it alone. We're pleased to offer a FRWe represent licensed physicians statewide, including out-of-state clients who are concerned about the status of their Florida license.

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We represent licensed physicians statewide, including out-of-state clients who are concerned about the status of their Florida license.

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