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Major Changes to Florida Psychology License Application Process

July 27, 2021
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The year 2020 was full of changes, and one of those changes came in the form of House Bill 713, which amended 490.006 Florida Statutes.

This bill made major alterations to the process of applying for a psychology license in Florida. Effective July 1, 2020:

  • Applicants can no longer apply using the Endorsement by Other State Licensure method.
  • The number of years required for the Licensed Psychology Experience method of application has been reduced from 20 years down to 10 years.

What New Changes Mean to Psychologist License Applications

The Endorsement by Other State Licensure Method allowed psychologists who hold a license in another state to be licensed in Florida without additional education or examination. It required that the applicant show that the licensure requirements in the other state were “substantially equivalent” or “more stringent” to those in Florida. Florida no longer accepts this method of licensure.

Florida instead has reduced the time period required for the Licensed Psychologist Experience method of application. This method requires that the applicant possess a doctoral degree in psychology and have at least 10 years of experience as a licensed psychologist in another state within the 25 years preceding the date of application. The applicant’s doctoral degree in psychology must be from an APA accredited program.

Essentially, to get a Florida psychology license, it is no longer enough to simply hold a license in another state. Now the applicant must have a doctoral degree (490.003(3), Florida Statutes defines doctoral-level education as a Psy.D, Ed.D., or Ph.D. in psychology) and 10 years experience as a licensed psychologist.  

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Why the Change?

Why did the State of Florida do away with the Endorsement by Other State Licensure method?

Put simply, the Department of Health (DOH) asked for it to be eliminated. The Endorsement method required that the Board of Psychology review the requirements, standards, and laws of the state where the Endorsement applicant was already licensed, to make sure that they were “substantially equivalent” or “more stringent” than the ones in Florida.

DOH claimed that this was difficult and time-consuming for the Board members. Also, DOH claimed this method would sometimes lead to otherwise competent, qualified psychologists having their applications denied, simply because the standards in their old state were not “stringent” enough.

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Valid Methods of Florida Psychology Applications

In summary, with the recent changes, all the current valid methods of application are:

  • Endorsement of 10 Years of Licensed Psychologist Experience – Discussed above.
  • Examination – The applicant must meet all the general licensure eligibility requirements.
  • Bifurcation/Examination – Applicants under this method are able to sit for the required examinations before completing the experience requirements.
  • Internationally trained Application by Examination – This method allows psychologists trained outside of the United States to become licensed in Florida, as long as their education is equivalent to a doctoral level degree in psychology from a APA accredited program. The applicant must also complete the required hours of supervised experience.
  • Endorsement of the ABPP Diplomate Status - This method requires that the applicant have a possession of diplomate status and be in good standing with the American Board of Professional Psychology.

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