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Avoiding AHCA & DOH Background Problems

June 23, 2022
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Research shows that 86% of employees screen candidates to ensure the safety of their employees, patients, and customers. But with one-third of Americans having a criminal record, not everyone is a bad person or a lifetime criminal.

Unfortunately, it can taint your career goals and impact your job opportunities, especially if you're in the healthcare department. That's where Howell, Buchan, and Strong step in to help you obtain an exemption and achieve your career goals.

Here we discuss why healthcare departments run background checks and how our team of qualified lawyers can help you obtain an exemption for disqualification:

A Quick Glance at AHCA and DOH

Before discussing why healthcare departments screen applicants, you must understand the entities that regulate background screenings: 

Two primary entities regulate health care licensing, which are as follows:

  • Department of Health- The DOH licenses and regulates health care professionals 
  • Agency for Health Care Administration- The AHCA is responsible for licensing and regulating healthcare facilities, such as long-term care facilities, clinics, nursing homes, and home health. In addition, they administer the Medicaid program for the State of Florida 

The DOH and AHCA require candidates to undergo a comprehensive criminal background check before qualifying to work in Florida.

Why Are Criminal Background Checks Important?

Almost all healthcare facilities run a background check on applicants since the industry tends to meet patients at their most vulnerable. 

Moreover, healthcare workers have access to confidential data, private patient information, and healthcare records. Hence, employers want to hire reliable employees to keep patients and their data safe. 

The core purpose of a background check involves verifying the following components:

  • Identification 
  • Education 
  • Criminal Record
  • Sex Offender Check 
  • Drug Screening

Have a Criminal Record? Our Law Firm Can Help!

If your criminal background records show that you or an employee has a criminal record, you'll obtain a 'disqualification letter' from the AHCA or DOH.

Our law firm of skilled and qualified professionals often works with clients in the health care industry who receive letters indicating that they are ineligible for employment in the state. 

Unfortunately, most individuals do not connect with lawyers when applying for an initial license. Instead, they contact us when they receive a letter or 'Notice of Intent to Deny License.' Connecting with an attorney beforehand can avoid the situation from escalating:

How Do Howell, Buchan, and Strong Help You Avoid AHCA/DOH Background Problems?

Our team of skilled and experienced attorneys provides you access to high-quality services, such as:

  • Advising and assisting employees with their application for exemption 
  • Gathering and reviewing criminal records for submission to AHCA/DOH
  • Preparing clients for their hearing before AHCA and DOH 
  • Supporting and represent clients before AHCA and DOH and/or challenge the denial of an exemption 

Connecting with our qualified attorneys, Howell, Buchan, and Strong, ensures you get access to lawyers with significant experience working with physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers. Achieve your career goals and create your future with Howell, Buchan, and Strong. 

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