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Office Surgery Registration | Do I Really Need to Register My Office Surgery Facility? 

November 22, 2023
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The definition of an office surgery facility that requires registration with the Department of Health, according to s. 458.328, Florida Statutes (FS), is:

An office in which a physician performs a liposuction procedure in which more than 1,000 cubic centimeters of supernatant fat is removed, a Level II office surgery, or a Level III office surgery must register with the department unless the office is licensed as a facility under chapter 390 or chapter 395.

But you may wonder what that means or under which level you should register your facility. The registration process is complicated and requires a great deal of supplemental documentation. Sometimes, a deficiency notice is sent requesting additional information. Understanding this office surgery registration process can make it go more smoothly with the DOH. 

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Before Registering Your Office Surgery Facility, Read This!

First, you must determine if you are already licensed or should be licensed under Chapter 390 or 395, F.S. If not, you may be required to register. Next, you must determine what level of sedation the procedures you plan to perform in the office setting require.

  • Level I Office Surgery. Register for this level if you plan to perform liposuction procedures where more than 1,000 cc (but less than 4,000 cc) of supernatant fat is removed. Anesthesia is limited to minimal sedation. 
  • Level II Office Surgery. Register for this level if you plan to perform procedures that require moderate sedation and analgesia or conscious sedation. 
  • Level III Office Surgery. Register for this level if you plan to perform procedures that require general anesthesia. 

Board of Medicine and Osteopathic Medicine rules outline the separate registration and practice requirements for each level of office surgery sedation and include sample procedures for each level.  Generally speaking, office surgeries are not:

  • A type of surgery that generally results in blood loss of more than 10% of the estimated blood volume in a patient with a normal hemoglobin level;
  • A type that requires major or prolonged intracranial, intrathoracic, abdominal, or joint replacement procedures, except for laparoscopic procedures;
  • Involve major blood vessels and be performed with direct visualization by open exposure of the major blood vessel, except for percutaneous endovascular intervention; or
  • Be emergent or life-threatening.

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Need More Information on Office Surgery Registration and Your Qualifying Facility?

Since your registration or lack of one can inhibit your ability to operate, it pays to consult professionals to guide the process.

Our team at Howell Buchan & Strong is uniquely qualified and experienced in helping owners and operators with office surgery registrations and we'd be happy to discuss your facility and assist.  

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