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Florida Office Surgery Inspections. Are you prepared? 

January 15, 2024
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In Florida, an office that performs surgery, also known as an office surgery facility, must be registered with the Department of Health (DOH). As part of the registration process, the facility must be either inspected annually by the DOH or be accredited by one of the national accrediting organizations. Annual inspections can be announced or unannounced. However, all new applicants for office surgery registration must undergo an inspection, regardless of accreditation. Refusal to be inspected can result in the suspension of the office surgery registration or the denial of a new office surgery registration. 

What an Inspection Means for Your Office Surgery Facility? 

When you apply for your office surgery registration, your office will undergo a pre-registration inspection. Once registered, unless you are nationally accredited, you will undergo annual inspections by inspectors from the DOH field offices. Being prepared for your inspection could be the difference between passing the inspection or having to undergo additional steps to pass inspection, including submission of a corrective action plan. Failure to correct deficiencies could result in the suspension of the office surgery registration and the filing of Administrative Complaints against the facility, the designated physician, and potentially the surgeons practicing in the facility. 

Preparing for An Office Surgery Registration Inspection

An office surgery facility is required to adhere to laws and regulations and must ensure compliance with the requirements listed in those laws and rules. When DOH inspectors come to the facility to conduct the inspection, you must:

  1. Allow the inspectors into the facility for the inspection
  2. Be able to document the facility's compliance.

Compliance includes ensuring the facility has an active risk management program, all personnel are on file with the DOH, all logs and required forms are accurately and timely completed and so much more. Compliance can be very confusing even for experienced owners, designated physicians, and surgeons. 

Legal Experience Can Help You Prepare for a DOH Inspection

Howell Buchan & Strong have attorneys with years of experience working with DOH management, prosecutors, and staff and appearing before the Boards.

Let us assist you in preparing for your inspection. If you have already undergone an inspection and received a deficiency notice, we can help. You must contact us immediately since there are time constraints on submitting a corrective action plan. 

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