Economics grad speaks up for Howell Law Firm

Katherine San Juan started with our firm in early 2019 and is pursuing her graduate education at the Florida State University.

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Healthcare Professionals and the Winding Down of Covid-19

Florida healthcare providers should consider legal risks as the Covid-19 pandemic lessens in intensity.

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Public Health Information: Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

Information on Covid-19 (Coronavirus) is Important to Florida Health Care Professionals

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Contact Tracing | HIPAA Amid COVID

There is a whole new business of contact tracing which has emerged thanks to the pandemic and COVID-19. As health care facilities and other companies implement new contact tracing tactics and initiatives, it’s important to highlight the liabilities of collecting, storing and managing personal health information. Contact Tracing: Are Contract Tracers Subject to HIPAA? HIPAA, […]

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JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law Awards Three Healthcare Scholarships

Each year, JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law, awards three scholarships to nursing students to help pay for their educational expenses.  The program is open to undergraduate and graduate nursing students and is intended to help students prepare for careers in the nursing field.  This year, the firm chose three phenomenal women as the […]

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