Free Guide to Florida Law for Assisted Living Facilities

Annually, Howell, Buchan & Strong develops this helpful guide for Assisted Living Facilities that provides an at-your-fingertips resource to Florida Statutes. Access a digital version of the FALA Guide here. If you have questions about your Assisted Living Facility and the Florida Law, please contact our firm.

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Violence in the Healthcare Workplace | Prevention and Reporting

(Part Two of a 3-part Series on Workplace Violence) Read Part One of the Series At the facility level, prevention of workplace violence is a discretionary action that requires the attentiveness of the healthcare professional. They need to be aware of the surroundings and understand the rights and wrongs of patient interactions requiring early intervention. […]

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Unlicensed Activity and Criminal Prosecution in Healthcare

Whether you intend to practice without a license or you inadvertently do so because you failed to timely renew your license, unlicensed activity is a serious, punishable crime. What Constitutes Unlicensed Activity? Unlicensed activity constitutes harm that materially affects the health, safety, and welfare of clients, and constitutes abuse and neglect, as defined in s. 415.102. It […]

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