Background Screening: Exemption Applications with AHCA and DOH

When and why would you be in your right to apply for an exception to work to apply for a background screening exemption as a medically licensed professional in the State of Florida? If you have a criminal record and are concerned about your background screening's impact on your ability to work in the field […]

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Florida Physicians and Residents: Medical Malpractice Claims Jeopardize Your License

Accused of medical malpractice? If you are a licensed physician or a medical resident in the State of Florida, this accusation of medical malpractice has lasting implications both for your license and your pocketbook. What a Medical Malpractice Claim Means In the State of Florida, a medical malpractice claim for a medically licensed physician should […]

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FIPA & HIPAA | How They Differ & Why It Matters

There’s typically confusion for some of our health care clients in the State of Florida concerning these laws relating to protected health information as well as personal information protection. We’ll dive in to define the differences between FIPA & HIPAA. Then we’ll go deeper to explain just how important it is to take both laws […]

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