Are You Trying to Get an Exemption from Disqualification as a Health Care Worker In Florida? Good News!

A bit of good news for a change! The Florida Legislature recently passed legislation (CS/CS/SB 674) which eliminates the 3-year waiting period after payment of court ordered monetary amounts in order to be eligible for an exemption from disqualification. The bill, which is not law yet, passed the House of Representatives on April 30, 2014 […]

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Possible Relief for Health Care Workers Who Have Background Problems!

In my practice I often get calls from employees of health care facilities, clinics or other organizations who have undergone a criminal background check that reveals a felony or misdemeanor in their past which prevents them from working in Florida.  The real problem arises when they learn that despite the fact that the individual served […]

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Can allegations of health care fraud effect my license??

Doctors, nurses, dentists, chiropractors, psychiatrists, psychologists, physical therapists, and other licenses health care providers are subject to harsh penalties under state and federal law if found by the government to have engaged in health are fraud.   A.        What is health care fraud? Generally speaking, the term “fraud” means deceit, trickery, or misrepresentation perpetrated for […]

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