Considerations for Health Care Association Executives on Hiring outside Counsel

This article is intended for association executives and board members particularly in the health care and professional fields.

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Florida Physicians and Residents: Accused of Fraud or Misrepresentation? Hire a Lawyer!

If you are a licensed physician or a medical resident in the state of Florida and are found guilty of fraud or misrepresentation in the practice of medicine, you can lose your license or have your application denied, and with it your ability to earn a living. You can also face administrative fines of up […]

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Florida Physical Therapists: Malpractice Can Cost You Your License

If you are a licensed physical therapist in the state of Florida, an accusation of medical malpractice can lead to more than lawsuits and an increase in your insurance premiums: You can lose your license, and with it your ability to earn a living. You can also face up to $10,000 in administrative fines for […]

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