Jeff Howell Presents Virtual Seminar on ALF Regulation and Liability

This month Jeff Howell presented a webinar to the Florida Assisted Living Association 2020 Virtual Summit on ALF Regulation and Liability.   The seminar covered AHCA, DOH, and Federal regulation and how it can lead to civil lawsuits against facilities and licensed health care professionals.   Attached is the slide show from the webinar. Have Questions? Let's […]

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Change of Ownership Applications for Health Care Facility Licenses in Florida

Whether you are buying or selling a health care facility in Florida it's important to understand that there's more involved than simply signing a buy/sell agreement. The State of Florida has specific requirements for change of ownership applications for health care facilities. How you approach these requirements can have a big impact on opening your […]

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Crimes Barring Professionals from Working in Florida

Criminal activity results in penalties and for health care professionals being convicted of a crime can mean losing your license to practice medicine. But federal crimes could also exclude you from federal healthcare programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Florida law imposes a dreadful penalty on health care providers who are found guilty, have pled […]

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