Background Screening: Exemption Applications with AHCA and DOH

When and why would you be in your right to apply for an exception to work to apply for a background screening exemption as a medically licensed professional in the State of Florida? If you have a criminal record and are concerned about your background screening's impact on your ability to work in the field […]

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Florida Physicians & Medical Residents: Accused of Fraud or Misrepresentation?

If you are a licensed physician or a medical resident in the State of Florida and are found guilty of fraud or misrepresentation in the practice of medicine, you can lose your license or have your application denied, and with it your ability to earn a living. You can also face administrative fines of up […]

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Crimes Barring Professionals from Working in Florida

Criminal activity results in penalties and for health care professionals being convicted of a crime can mean losing your license to practice medicine. But federal crimes could also exclude you from federal healthcare programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. Florida law imposes a dreadful penalty on health care providers who are found guilty, have pled […]

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