Florida Nurses: Mistakes with Patients Can Harm Your License

We all make mistakes, but if you are a licensed nurse in the state of Florida and make certain mistakes while treating your patients, your license can be suspended and you can face thousands of dollars in fines which may not be covered by your liability insurance. If you are a Florida-licensed nurse and have […]

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Florida Physicians and Residents: Be Careful when You Delegate

If you are a licensed physician or a medical resident in the state of Florida, you need to be careful to whom you delegate professional responsibilities. If you delegate to an unqualified person, you can lose your license or have your application denied, and with it your ability to earn a living. You can also […]

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Nurse Cannot Argue Her Attorney Was Ineffective After Board of Nursing Revokes Her License

A recent case from the 5th District Court of Appeals presents an interesting principle. The case was not one our firm represented the nurse on but there are important points to ponder. In the case, a registered nurse had entered a plea of no contest to charges of petit theft involving the fraudulent use of […]

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