Contact Tracing | HIPAA Amid COVID

There is a whole new business of contact tracing which has emerged thanks to the pandemic and COVID-19. As health care facilities and other companies implement new contact tracing tactics and initiatives, it’s important to highlight the liabilities of collecting, storing and managing personal health information. Contact Tracing: Are Contract Tracers Subject to HIPAA? HIPAA, […]

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FIPA & HIPAA | How They Differ & Why It Matters

There’s typically confusion for some of our health care clients in the State of Florida concerning these laws relating to protected health information as well as personal information protection. We’ll dive in to define the differences between FIPA & HIPAA. Then we’ll go deeper to explain just how important it is to take both laws […]

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Medical Directors Have Responsibility under the Health Care Clinic Law.

If you are a Florida Physician who has signed up to be the Medical Director of a facility licensed under the Health Care Clinic Act (Sections 400.990-400.995, Florida Statutes) you should be aware of your responsibilities with respect to ownership and control of the medical records. What a Medical Director is Responsible For Among the […]

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