AHCA Background Check of Health Care Workers

In 2014, the Agency for Health Care Administration came out with new requirements for background screening of health care workers in Florida.  Below is a link to the new policy memorandum issued in June 2014.  I am posting it on this blog because I have noticed so few health care administrators and licensees are familiar […]

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AHCA Background Checks in Florida

Recently, I was honored to speak in front of the School of Allied Health at Florida A & M University on the topic of criminal background checks of health care professionals in Florida.  This is a timely and ever evolving topic that all health care professionals, including management should be familiar with and know the […]

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Thoughts on the Proposed "Medical" Marijuana Amendment in Florida.

I.          Summary of Constitutional Amendment for Use of Marijuana for Certain Medical Conditions               Florida is considering a constitutional amendment which will be on the ballot November 4, 2014, relating to the issue of “use of marijuana for certain medical conditions.”  According to the ballot summary the amendment to the Florida Constitution would allow […]

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