Obtaining Your Florida Medical License: Practicing Medicine in Florida

Licensure is the final step to becoming a practicing physician in Florida. New physicians entering the medical profession, those seeking renewal, or licensed in other states or foreign jurisdictions, are obligated to licensing with the state under law. Physicians obtaining a license to practice in Florida register with the Florida Board of Medicine. The Board […]

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Important Update on AHCA and Exemptions from Disqualification

Arrests and convictions can taint or interrupt your career goals, especially if you work in healthcare. Arrests and convictions can result in an automatic denial, disqualification, or revocation of licensure. If you are trying to get a professional healthcare license in Florida with previous arrests or convictions, you must obtain an exemption from disqualification. The […]

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Howell, Buchan & Strong is proud to announce the recipients of the Spring 2022 Nursing Scholarship: Ashlee Jack, Miguel Palomino, and Delaney Smith

Delaney Smith is currently a junior at Florida State University, and she expects to graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree in Spring 2023. Delaney enjoys working in a fast-paced critical care setting, where she feels she can bring a sense of calm and empathy to her patients in what could be their most […]

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