Economics grad speaks up for Howell Law Firm

Katherine San Juan started with our firm in early 2019 and is pursuing her graduate education at the Florida State University.

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JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law Awards Three Healthcare Scholarships

Each year, JEFFREY S. HOWELL P.A., Attorneys at Law, awards three scholarships to nursing students to help pay for their educational expenses.  The program is open to undergraduate and graduate nursing students and is intended to help students prepare for careers in the nursing field.  This year, the firm chose three phenomenal women as the […]

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FIPA & HIPAA | How They Differ & Why It Matters

There’s typically confusion for some of our health care clients in the State of Florida concerning these laws relating to protected health information as well as personal information protection. We’ll dive in to define the differences between FIPA & HIPAA. Then we’ll go deeper to explain just how important it is to take both laws […]

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