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Office Surgery Registration and Regulation

We have years of experience working with the Florida Department of Health (DOH) and helping owners and healthcare providers get and keep their registration to operate in Florida. Office surgery facility registration (OSR) can be a very complicated process, but our legal team is qualified and here to help!


How We Assist Office Surgery Registrations

  • Review letters/documentation from the DOH.
  • Assist with the OSR application, including determining the appropriate level to register your facility and assisting in preparing all necessary credentialing documentation.
  • Assist in the decision-making process as it relates to OSR registration requirements.
  • Assist in the preparation for inspections.
  • Assist in the preparation of your facility’s risk management program.
  • Provide advice on how to successfully navigate the system.
  • Provide representation at Board Meetings, if necessary.
  • Increase your chances of a successful result with the DOH!

Getting Your Office Surgery Registration Started or Updated

Owners and health care providers wanting to own and/or operate an OSR in Florida face a mountain of regulations and registration requirements to operate. Once the initial registration application has been approved, any changes in personnel in the OSR must be timely reported to the DOH. If you own or operate a large OSR, this can become very burdensome. However, forgetting to update your registration can have disastrous results.  If you have already applied for an OSR registration and received a letter from the DOH indicating you are missing information, we can help. Typically, DOH gives you a short period to respond to such requests so acting fast is important.

Already have an Office Surgery Registration?

Often clients who have an OSR need assistance in other areas, such as establishing a risk management program, reporting adverse incidents, understanding new regulations, or processing facility updates. This is where Howell, Buchan, and Strong's experienced legal team lends peace of mind to clients who want to ensure it's done right and nothing's overlooked that will impact office surgery facility operations.  


Office Surgery Registration | Next Steps 

If you find yourself unsure of how to start or proceed with your OSR registration application or you need assistance in other aspects of your registration, it is strongly recommended you seek an experienced attorney. Our Howell, Buchan, and Strong legal firm is available for advice, consultation, and representation. Let us help you get started. We recommend you:
  1. Gather all the necessary documentation related to your registration or registration application. This includes copies of your application, supporting documents, any emails with DOH officials, letters, and other materials directly related to your efforts to obtain a registration.
  2. Schedule a phone consultation with our office at (850) 877-7776. The consultation with our experienced attorneys is free and there is no obligation. We will ask that when you call for a free consultation you email the relevant documents to us. This is to allow our experienced healthcare attorneys to review the documents before the call.
  3. If you've missed a DOH deadline, expedite steps 1 & 2 as quickly as possible. Even if you have missed critical DOH deadlines it’s important to address issues promptly. As time passes you lose valuable opportunities to challenge the DOH’s actions or deploy alternative strategies aimed at getting and keeping your OSR registration.

DOH Investigation of Complaints Against Office Surgery Facilities

Generally speaking, when a complaint is made against a facility, a designated physician, or a surgeon practicing in an office surgery facility registered by the DOH, investigators receive the complaint and conduct interviews with the complainant and relevant witnesses. Oftentimes, a subpoena for records is issued by the DOH investigator or at his/her request for various medical and non-medical records. In an office surgery setting, surgical logs, risk management records, and adverse incident reports may be requested.

Depending upon the type and nature of the violation the party being investigated may or may not be given notice that they are the subject of an investigation. Undercover operations conducted by the DOH investigators are common in office surgery facility regulation. In instances where the subject of an investigation has been notified of the investigation, it is wise to seek advice from an experienced healthcare attorney to learn your legal rights.

Responding to Administrative Complaints

If the investigation results in a conclusion by DOH staff that a violation has occurred the facility’s, designated physician’s and the surgeon’s license can be suspended by the issuance of an Emergency Suspension Order (ESO) or restricted by the issuance of an Emergency Restriction Order (ERO).  However, in most cases, an Administrative Complaint is filed and served on the respondent. It is very important to seek advice from a qualified and experienced healthcare attorney if you have been served an Administrative Complaint.

An Administrative Complaint must be responded to within a certain time frame or valuable rights may be forfeited. If you have received an administrative complaint and feel that your practice and license are under attack, you should schedule a phone consultation with our experienced attorneys. We provide free, no-obligation consultations to determine the best strategies to move forward.

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