Workers’ Compensation

Our Firm has extensive experience in the field of Workers’ Compensation Law. That background includes representation of small businesses and employers, but also injured workers. Knowing the system from both perspectives gives our team a better understanding of the case and challenges that may be presented.

Workers’ Compensation provides benefits for those employees who get injured or sick from a work-related cause. In Florida, this primarily means wage loss for the period of time someone is taken off of work and payment of medical bills that are directly related to the alleged on the job injury. Florida law requires that every employer with four or more employees carry workers’ compensation insurance.

Employers & Small Business: Our team of lawyers has experience with defense of employers going back to 1994. We understand the stresses and challenges that a claim from an employee can make to a small business. We also know the defenses that can be asserted and well as cost-saving strategies that can be deployed in certain circumstances. Our experienced attorneys not only recognize the interrelationship of such issues, but also have considerable experience in the defense of discrimination actions arising out of the employment relationship as well as other issues in employment law.

Injured Workers: We also advise, evaluate, and represent injured workers with serious medical conditions and/or claims disputes. Because our Firm does a significant amount of health care law we are available to review an injured workers medical records and advise on what are the options under Florida’s Workers’ Compensation Act.

Health Care Professionals: We represent throughout Florida health care professionals and medical businesses with a whole host of legal issues, including employment law issues and on the job injury disputes. We are available for a free initial consultation by contacting us at one of our four offices.

Our attorneys will arrange a FREE no-obligation consultation with you to learn more about your case.

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